Week of 1/13/2014- a note from the Pastor’s Desk

From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear friends in Christ;

Having been gripped by the cold weather and only recently having
found some reprieve from it I reflected on frigidity in one’s spiritual
life and in one’s relationships. These are my thoughts.
You know that face you make when you’re outside in the cold? It’s
hard to smile, hard to look up and you’re squinting so – it’s hard to
see. When you’re missing the warmth of Jesus in your life you have
nothing to smile about, you don’t look your brother or sister in the
eye and never look up to God in prayer – truly you are blinded with
a wall of ice in front of you.

You know how the cold slows you down? You walk slower – you
have to drive slower (because of black ice); everything outside is
done slower. From feeding the birds to shoveling, the cold affects
your moving parts and the mechanism of life slows down. When
the fire of Christ fails to fuel the furnace of Christian activity we
fail to move towards the other and do the good we were designed by
God to do.

You know how you don’t want to do anything or go anywhere when
it’s cold? Sometimes spiritual frigidity makes us hesitate to do
anything good for ourselves, to take that positive step in a direction
that leads us out of that place of being stuck or frozen. We need a
spark, something to get us moving.

So how do you combat spiritual frigidity?
• Get to know who Jesus really is through prayer and
study, especially use Scripture to do this
• In things that matter use your mind to overcome the
temptations that lead you away from following
through on them
• The Sacrament of Confession and more frequent
reception of the Blessed Sacrament (Daily Mass) can
be the spark you need to turn your spiritual life and
your relationships around

There are some who are completely frozen in place and their
distance from God is remarkable. No soul is without hope – even
the murderer on Death Row can be touched by our prayers and
return to God’s warm and loving embrace. Let us all pray that we
might always see God and move towards him and the good of
serving our brothers and sisters and that we will never be stuck in
place and that we might help others to move with us to the Kingdom.

God Bless and have a good week everyone!
Fr. David

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