Father’s First Blog

This is my first real Blog for the website.  I am going to be brief.  If you want long winded Fr. David come to mass or read my weekly bulletin column.  My blog will contain three points each time I renew it namely:

  • A holy thought
  • A funny thought
  • A happy thought

Holy:”‘Pray hard, receive the sacraments frequently, and above all give good example.’” – Rev. Emil Kapaun (Servant of God)

Funny: Recently a nephew of mine let a birthday balloon go in the house reaching the tip of the vaulted ceilings in the rectory.  Tired of seeing in up there I got my “blow gun” out – put one dart in it – still up there – put another in it – still up there.  The darts had gone through the balloon into the ceiling.  The deflated balloon is still up there not being held by helium but by darts.

Happy: The best thing in the world is to lift someone’s spirits.  It’s not hard to do. It takes some thoughtfulness – and can be as easy as a smile.


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