Welcome To St. James Catholic Church

St. James Catholic Church

Mass at St. James
Saturdays at 5 pm
Sundays at 10:30 am

Low Gluten Hosts are available.
Please speak with Fr. Mike or one of our deacons before Mass to let them know. 

Hours for confession:
Saturdays 10:00-10:45 am and 4:00-4:40 pm
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 pm

Office hours are Monday-Thursday 9 am – 5 pm, Friday 9 am – Noon.

Holy Mass Schedule for The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Friday, December 8th

Vigil Mass  –  Thursday, December 7th at 6 pm
Feast Day  –  Friday, December 8th at 6 pm

You have FREE ACCESS to the FORMED platform.  Sign up at formed.org or download their app.  Register your email address by using our parishes zip code (56431) and click on St. James & Holy Family Catholic Churches.  FORMED has some great content for all ages!!!!!

M.O.S.J. (Members of St. James)

Members of St. James is not just another program, it is a way that all members are encouraged to participate in the various needs of our parish.

This is your parish, and your parish needs your help. God has given each of us certain talents and M.O.S.J. is an opportunity that you can use those talents He has given you.   Please review the M.O.S.J. brochure and indicate which programs or duties that you are willing to do.  Most important is the information on the last page for you to complete.  You can email the parish office at office@aitkincatholic.org with your choices.   It won’t cost you a dime, but you will receive countless blessings.

Click on this link to see the brochure: M.O.S.J. brochure

2023 United Catholic Appeal

Bishop Felton’s 2023 UCA UCA video:  https://youtu.be/xESztEa4500

On behalf of Bishop Felton and the whole Diocese of Duluth clergy and staff, we are excited to invite you into Healing, Hope and Joy in Jesus through this year’s United Catholic Appeal (UCA)!  We pray that the dawn from on high is breaking, awakening the faithful of Duluth to the healing power of Jesus’ love and mission.  We are calling all servants of Christ to join us in raising a voice of healing, hope and joy that reverberates throughout the 25,000 square miles of our diocese.

The UCA is a crucial requirement for engaging the entire diocesan community in the mission of healing to which Bishop Felton has called us.  The outreach and special programs that factor into our mission all require resources to engage, but that’s not all that your UCA contributions make possible.  UCA supports the costs of diocesan services throughout the life of faithful Catholics.  From baptism, to youth religious education and confirmation, to marriage preparation classes, retreats, and adult enrichment programs, to last rites and funeral Masses, every ministry and spiritual service that the diocese offers relies on the generous support of our parishioners.  The collaboration allows parishes to do things they wouldn’t normally be able to do on their own: human resources, business and financial assistance, health and welfare, and seminarian and deacon formations, among others.

Commitment weekend for the UCA will be May 6/7 and we are asking every parishioner to prayerfully consider their ability to generously contribute to the UCA.  The mission on which we are about to embark is a light of hope and healing that will emanate from the center of our diocese and spread to the corners of the world!  We cannot wait to welcome each and every one of you to our journey towards God’s glory.  May the love and healing power of Christ continue to bless you, your loved ones and this diocese.

                                           –Diocese Appeals and Engagement Office

St. James Vocation Chalice

Here is more information about the Vocations Chalice: Vocations Chalice history

Sign up to host the Vocations Chalice in your home for a week and pray for more vocations to come from St. James.

Scam Alert Notice

Hackers have once again started targeting the public with emails and texts, posing as priests, asking for money or personal information.  Please be aware of these phishing (fake) emails.  Please contact the parish office if you have any questions or need confirmation that it was sent to you, even if it says it is a secret.  Thank you!

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Duluth Diocesan Vocation Prayer:

Almighty Father, we beg You for an increase in religious vocations and holy marriages in our diocese. Help us to be generous in our response to Your call. Choose from our homes those who are needed for Your work and strengthen us with the courage to say “yes” and to follow You. Help us as a diocese, as a parish, as families to encourage and foster vocations to the priesthood, permanent diaconate and consecrated life. We commend our prayers to our patroness, Mary, Queen of the Rosary, and ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Bishop Baraga Vocations Apostolate of the Brainerd Deanery Prayer:

Lord, You told us that “The harvest indeed is great but the laborers are few. Pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into His fields.” We ask You to strengthen us as we follow the vocation to which You have called us. We pray particularly for those called to serve as priests, sisters, brothers, and deacons. Those whom You have called, Those You are calling now, Those You will call in the future. May they be open and responsive to the call of serving Your people. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Single prayer card-Spiritual Comm

Safe Environment

Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal.  https://www.dioceseduluth.org/Vict

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