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Message for September 2019

Dear Friends in Christ;

The “Ideal-Catholic-Life” is within reach.  Cooperating with His grace, being intentional about our thoughts, words and actions, will surely lead to greater union with God as one of His children.  Let’s be more specific this month in our Upper Rooms and begin to consider certain very practical aspects of our faith.  This time: The Ideal Catholic Goes to Mass.

In Christ;


Fr. David

Open with Sign of Cross and then this prayer:

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

L: Come, O Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful, and enkindle in them the fire of your love.  Send forth Your Spirit, O Lord, and they shall be created.

R: And You shall renew the face of the earth

L: Let us pray – God our Father, pour out the gifts of your Holy Spirit on the world.  You sent the Spirit on Your Church to begin the teaching of the Gospel; now let the Spirit continue to work in the world through the hearts of all who believe.  Through Christ our Lord.

R: Amen

L: You, O Lord, will open my lips.

R: And my tongue shall announce Your praise.

L: Incline unto my aid, O God.

R: O Lord, make haste to help me.

L: Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

R:  As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen


Discuss your Mass habits vis-à-vis these questions (A-Z)!!!

a.  Do you have standards for what you will wear (or not wear) to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?
b.  Do you ever go to daily mass? Why or why not?
c.  When do you normally arrive into the Church for mass (5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes early to prepare?) What is the norm for you?
d.  What is your habit for preparation before mass? What do you do to prepare spiritually or what do you think you should be doing?
e.  Is “I don’t have a good singing voice!” a good enough excuse for you not to sing? As a group, come up with 3 other excuses not to sing in Church to praise and worship God.
f.  Is it better for you to follow along with the readings using the hymnal or a readings book? Why or why not?
g.  The tripartite blessing we use at the proclamation of the Gospel… Do you have a prayer you offer interiorly while you are signing yourself? What words of petition do you think would be appropriate here?
h.  Other than the end (lol), what do you think should be an important part of every homily?
i.  Name the essential parts of our intercessory prayers (what do we normally pray for)? How could you be more intentional during the intercessions?  That is, how could you turn the brain on or activate your consciousness (not drift off)?
j.  During the Offertory as the gifts of wine, water, bread and money are being brought forward to be placed in the sanctuary, are you spiritually placing your offering with them? What does this mean?  Give examples.
k.  Who defined Himself as “Holy, Holy, Holy” to the Prophet Isaiah?  Why is this proclamation of praise fitting in this position of the mass?
l.  Discuss the points of remembrance that exist in the Eucharistic Prayers (don’t look a Eucharistic Prayer up, just go by memory (remembrance, get it?)
m.  What do you know about the epiclesis? (Hint: when Fr. places his hands over the gifts of bread and wine)  What is the significance of the slight ringing of the bells here?
n.  There are two different kinds of elevations for the Eucharist; one is “to show” and the other is “to adore”. Which one takes place after the consecrations and which one takes place after the Eucharistic Prayer is complete?  How can you tell the difference?
o.  The “Through Him, with Him in Him part…. is this part of the mass more important than receiving the Blessed Sacrament? What does the Church teach and why?
p.  The Our Father is the one thing in the Liturgy that everyone seems to willingly and wholeheartedly take part in (that and leaving lol). Why do you think this is true?
q.  The communal singing of the Our Father rarely (if ever) takes place in the communion rite, why do you think this is?
r.  Is the sign of peace symbolic or significant (or both)?
s.  What are the five things that can be kissed (literally) during the mass (plus Good Friday Service)?
t.  What are the seven things that can be incensed during the mass (including funeral mass)?
u.  The title “Lamb of God” is used quite often in the Communion Rite to highlight what? (Hint: Sacrifice) Discuss.
v.  The “Lord I am not worthy to receive you” part, whose words do these model to Jesus is the Gospel?
w.  Why does the Church ask us to bow before receiving the Blessed Sacrament?
x.  (Back to the singing thing) Do you sing or do your own thing after communion? What is your own thing?
y.  How soon do you leave the Holy Sacrifice? Must you flee so soon?  Are there reasons to stay?
z.  Do you make thanksgiving afterwards?


Pray the Luminous Mysteries or at least the 5th Luminous Mystery to conclude.


Next month’s Upper Room is a continuation on the Ideal Catholic theme…


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