Direct Giving

Direct Giv­ing

St. James is pleased to offer you the con­ve­nience of the Auto­matic Direct Giv­ing Plan.
Now you can have your dona­tion made auto­mat­i­cally from your check­ing or sav­ings account. Plus…you won’t have to change your present bank­ing rela­tion­ship to take advan­tage of this service.

The Auto­matic Direct Giv­ing Plan will help you in sev­eral ways!

  • Make donat­ing con­ve­nient and timely, even when you’re out of town.
  • Save time with fewer checks to write.
  • Helps you meet com­mit­ments in a con­ve­nient and timely manner.

Get Started Today!

To set up auto­matic direct giv­ing, sim­ply com­plete the autho­riza­tion form and return it to the parish office. Dona­tions can be deb­ited auto­mat­i­cally from check­ing or sav­ings accounts.
If you have any other ques­tions or con­cerns about auto­matic direct giv­ing, please call the parish office at 218–927-6581.

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